Take a look to our Bungalows, Tree-houses and huts

khao-sok-jungle-huts-the-resort3What is it everyone wants to know about a guest house? – What do the rooms look like? A question not easily answered at Khao Sok Jungle Huts because of the many different styles of accommodation we offer our guests!

Whether you’re a holidaymaker, backpacker, flashpacker or just on a budget, Khao Sok Jungle Huts has the ideal accommodation.

Tree House Bungalows

When you stay with us you can choose between tree houses with balconies overlooking the crystal clear Sok River, romantic, small but functional huts set in a beautiful garden, cool ground-floor rooms, spacious stone bungalows or the new tree house style bungalows with views of Phanthurat Mountain and Khao Sok Village. All our rooms are spaced out in a garden shaded by Rambutan, Jackfruit and other fruit trees. The Family bungalows are close to our restaurant.

Room rates range from 400 to 1300 Baht. Breakfasts are not included in the cost of the rooms.

So as you can see we have accommodation for every taste (and every budget) and they all have one thing in common: they are all very inviting and comfortable.

Bungalows types and prices

Khao Sok Jungle Huts offers a range of facilities and rooms to guests.

All our rooms have ensuite bathrooms and most (exception: the oldest bungalows/huts) have hot water provided by modern electric boilers. Mosquito nets, bedclothes, View of Phanturat Mountain from bungalow blankets, towels, toilet paper and a complimentary bottle of drinking water are provided. Each room is fitted with a revolving fan – for ecological reasons we did not equip our bungalows with air-con units (with the exception of 3 air-conditioned bungalows) as the power consumption of one unit is equal to several large fans, and electricity in Thailand is mainly generated using fossil fuels. We try to keep our CO2-footprint small!

Aircon Bungalow

air-conditioned-bungalowReachable by elevated walkway, the Aircon Bungalows are a good option for couples who love the comfort of an air-conditioned room with the feeling of a tree-house bungalow.

Stay in contact with nature!

Available for 2 or 3 people.

Price 1000-1300 baht per night (2 or 3 persons)

Jungle Hut River View

jungle-hut-river-viewLocated near the Sok river, the Jungle Hut is a elevated bungalow which offers amazing views of the river.

Designed for couples, you will enjoy a romantic stay with a view to the Sok river.

See the river from your bed!

Price 800 baht per night

Family Jungle Bungalow

family-roomThe family Jungle Bungalows are new built fan bungalows located in the sky and accessible through our elevated footbridges.

A good option for families or people who want a very spacious bungalow.

Enjoy a comfortable stay in the sky!

Price 700 baht per night

Elevated New Bungalows

new-bungalowThis new built, comfortable and well designed elevated bungalow is equipped with fan and has nice views of the resort and the Khao Sok landscapes.

Special for families, groups or people looking for spacious accommodation.

Price 700 baht per night

Tree-house fan

treehouse-fanThe Tree houses are the traditional accommodation in Khao Sok, as a pioneers in the area we offer budget but inviting tree houses to our guests.

Tree houses are the best way to stay in contact with nature.

Make your dream come true sleeping in a tree-house!

Price 700 baht per night

Elevated New Garden Hut

Elevated New Garden Hut Fan This newly built hut for 2 people with fan, offers beautiful views of our garden from a private terrace.

This hut is the perfect place for couples in order to enjoy a comfortable stay in our resort.

It was built in 2016.

Price 700 baht per night

Elevated New Garden Bungalow

Elevated New Garden Bungalow HutThis new eco-bungalow with fan is located in the garden very close to the Sok river.

Enjoy amazing views from its private terrace and admire the stunning landscapes and mountains.

This bungalow was built in 2016.

Price 600 baht per night

Budget accomodation

Our guest house has the perferfec accommodation for couples, families as well for solo travellers. You can choose between family bungalows, elevated huts and bungalows with private terrace and amazing views.

Family Bungalow for 4 People

Family Bungalow 4 PeopleThis family bungalow for 4 people is an expensive way to enjoy your family holidays in Khao Sok.

Suitable for families with children who want a comfortable place in nature. This bungalow is located in the garden for your convenience.

Price 700 baht per night

Jungle Hut New

new-jungle-hutThe new Jungle Huts for 2 persons are a comfortable and exotic but affordable option for your accommodation in Khao Sok.

This wooden hut offers a private balcony with views to our garden and surrounding landscapes.

Perfect for couples or solo travelers.

Price 500 baht per night

Jungle Hut New (small)

new-jungle-hut-smallThe new Jungle Huts (small) for 2 persons are still spacious and comfortable as its “siblings” but smaller and at a lower price.

This small Jungle Hut has also a private balcony.

Enjoy amazing views from the balcony!

Price 500 baht per night

Bungalow for 3 people

bungalow-3-peopleIt is a elevated fan bungalow with capacity for up to three people and with private balcony where to sit down and seeing the beautiful landscapes Khao Sok has to offer.

This bungalow was built in traditional Thai style.

Equipped with fan.

Price 500 baht per night

Stone Bungalow

stone-bungalowThe Stone Bungalow can accommodate up to 3 people.

Stay in a stone house in the jungle. It is perfect for a family or a group of friends.

Built in Thai style it is a great option for your pocket.

Price 500 baht per night

Stone Family Rooms

stone-family-roomsOur 3 Stone Family Rooms are the perfect traditional Thai accommodation for families with kids or groups.

The Stone Family rooms can accommodate three, four and up to five persons respectively.

In this room it is not necessary to go up or down stairs.

Price 500 baht per night

Backpacker huts and bungalows

Whether you’re a budget traveller, a backpacker or a flashpacker, we offer a variety of low-cost accommodation in our well-kept garden surrounded by amazing tropical forests and mountains.

Backpacker Elevated Hut

elevated-bungalowOur classic elevated bungalows and Huts are a budget option during your stay in Khao Sok.

This bungalow has fantastic views of the mountains.

All the rooms have a private balcony and fan.

Price 400 baht per night

Bamboo Hut

bamboo-bungalowComfortable accommodation in the jungle up to two people.

The outer walls of the hut are beautifully decorated with laminated bamboo.

This hut is a very popular option among our guests.

Price 400 baht per night

Bamboo Budget Hut

budget-bungalowAs the name indicates, the Bamboo Budget Hut is the cheaper option. This bamboo hut can accommodate up to 2 people. The outer walls of the bungalow are also decorated with laminated bamboo.

Like most of our rooms it has a fan.

Price 400 baht per night

More pictures of our rooms can be found in the gallery